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How We Test & Review Gold IRA Companies

Catherine Tramell
Catherine Tramell

Last updated 7. august 2021

how we test


The way we review gold IRA companies is far from arbitrary. We utilize a method that ensures that we recommend you only the best options and give real, useful reviews.

We follow a streamlined but comprehensive process when composing our top gold IRA companies comparison reviews. Here we will cover all the details on how our experts rank the businesses that they review.

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Our Gold IRA Company Reviews Are Always Unbiased

We explore and compare all services and benefits provided by each company. We follow the same steps and use the same standards in all cases.

The team researches the companies using the same parameters, which are easy to compare at a glance. We also go in depth so you can really understand what every service and fee entails.

While we use professional financial experts to build our listings, we are not in any way connected to any of these companies. We are not third-party promoters, nor do we receive any payment or click-through compensation to review IRA companies. Our goal is to help users make a decision based on solid facts.

Below, we'll look at how we break down the criteria for choosing the best companies for investing in a gold IRA.

Our 5-Step Review Process

Here's the process we use to review IRA companies. We analyze each of them according to the following parameters.

  • Product Range and Services

    A solid gold IRA company assists with purchases, storage, sale of investments, conventional IRA rollovers, and 401(k)s, as well as turning eligible IRA fund assets into gold IRA accounts.

    We take a look at who they aim the services at and if they are able to cover their needs. Having different services or programs the client can choose from definitely makes a company more valuable. This applies to the number of assets  they offer as investment options, such as gold, silver, cryptocurrency, and others.

    We rate companies that deliver actual gold or its cash equivalent without piling on shipping charges and extra fees as the most advantageous.

    Timeliness is a factor as well, as is the availability of a storage facility with all the cool amenities. This also includes taking a look at how they handle security.

  • Pricing

    An IRA is about having enough money to manage an investor’s later years. We research startup costs, questionable fees, and nest eggs beaten to death by charges. We take a close look at gold IRA organizations that aim at finding a balance between features and costs.

    Our experts compare all maintenance, extraction, and other miscellaneous fees to determine the best deals.

    We also look at the minimum investment required to set up your account and how many options there are in this regard.

  • Customer Care

    A lot of top gold IRA companies will happily send out info or a starter kit. But we give huge props to companies that answer the phone or give queries serious considerations right away.

    It doesn’t matter if they use live chat, phone support, or a request form. Any entity that gives a fast response (up to a few days) gets a big checkmark. However, the more means of communication, the better – if they manage all of them properly. This relates to accessibility, which we also consider when evaluating all of the customer care services and general resources that the company provides.

    Additionally, we explore the educational materials that the organizations provide to their customers, as this also helps the client feel confident in what they’re investing in. Newsletters and blogs keep customers in the loop while engaging with them.

  • Company Reliability

    We look for familiarity. There are high-profile companies you hear about on radio and television and have a strong online presence. Consumers are more likely drawn to known entities.

    We also go deeper to find companies that might not be among the most popular but work hard for their clientele and deserve recognition. In any case, they must be well-known, at least in their area or niche.

    So, what (reliable) media say about the company is important. Ratings, accreditations, and certifications are also key to a business’ trustworthiness.

    Our team thoroughly researches the history and background of the companies. Where they stand now is crucial, but it’s just as important to understand how they got there.

  • Customer Reviews

    You shouldn’t believe everything you read online, but there’s no missing a trend in reaction to company performance. If reviews lean in the negative, there certainly is something to be concerned about.

    We do take it a step further to see if companies take the time to resolve issues of customer irritation. Any company that provides serious support and puts effort into solving problems gets points.

    In addition, we believe it’s important to see which are the features that clients tend to recommend and praise. We try to find the answer to questions like, “Is it just one thing customers like, or many?” “How much do they like it, and how exceptional is it?”

    We then compare the positives and negatives so we can have a better idea of what customers think of the company. We provide insight into this in our IRA companies’ reviews so that you’re comparing more than just how many stars users rate each organization.

    Third-Party Reviews

    Our investigation includes IRS approval. We have reviewed tons of company worksheets. All of them are licensed to trade in gold and bullion and manage IRS-approved retirement accounts.

    Only companies with a rating of “A” or higher in the Better Business Bureau make the list. We went to the likes of Trustlink and Trustpilot to gather not only the previously-mentioned ratings but also actual comments and reviews. Again, this provides more in-depth information for our users to help them make an informed decision.

How We Score and Review Gold IRA Companies

After gathering our information for top gold IRA companies to review and checking their accuracy, we look for patterns and differences.

We compile a ranking list in which #1 is the best company.

Then, we give each business an overall rating. Our threshold is a simple 1 to 10, in which 10 is the best score.

We break down criteria, giving top performers their score in all five categories listed above. Again, we use a scale from 1 to 10. Every one of these parameters has its own detailed explanation, expanding on why they’ve earned their score.

Our reviews also include a list of the key features that each company has, a table that shows the pros and cons of the businesses so you can easily compare them, and a bottom line that sums up our recommendation.

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